3 Great Reasons to choose a kids watch from Colori for Back to School 2023

3 Great Reasons to choose a kids watch from Colori for Back to School 2023

As you prepare your child to start or return to school in the coming weeks, I would strongly recommend teaching your child the value of managing their time by purchasing a watch just for them.  While there are many brands that have created watches made for children, I feel like Colori is the best value for the money.  Here are three reasons, in ascending order, why I think Colori is a must-have for Back to School in 2023: 

3.  Bold colors and universal themes.  

Of the three reasons I love Colori, this one is the most obvious: they are colorful and bright with easy to read dials.  When it comes to this feature, there's more than meets the eye: the details for Colori watches are not tied to a specific brand or storyline, and that makes them truly unique.  Universally appealing themes, such as animals, racecars and pirate ships allow the watch to grow along with your child and even make it easier to pass it along to a sibling (or two). 

2.  They are durable and easy to clean. 

Colori watches are made with durable materials and are designed to withstand the typical rigors of childhood.  Scratch resistant glass, stainless steel cases and silicone straps make these watches water resistant up to 3 ATM, so they can be worn anywhere: school, home, playground, or pool.  These same materials also promote cleanliness: silicone won't pucker like leather would when exposed to water or solvents, so spills from food, dirt or anything else can be wiped away without fear of damaging the watch.  

1. They are functional miniatures of the same watches adults wear and love. 

So many of the watches designed for kids look like toys to me, and while that may capture their attention for a short while, it means that they are not really meant to teach time. If you are a watch collector and want your child to learn how to care for a watch of their own while really learning how to tell time on an analog dial, then a Colori watch is the best choice.  For example, the new racecar watches have a duotone, 24 hour bezel in addition to the standard dial.  This promotes learning how to tell time within the hour as well as helping to show the differences between day and night time divisions in the clock.  

Finally, studies have shown that children who are aware of and understand how to tell time without digital assistance are more likely to have an aptitude for STEM coursework and careers. To see what Dutch researchers discovered about children and time awareness, click here. To learn more about how to build time awareness strategies from preschool through high school, click here

Colori watches for kids are currently a part of our Back to School Sale: 25% off all watches for kids ( and adults too! ) through Sunday, August 6th.  Don't delay: shop for your new watch from Colori today! Click here to shop all Colori watches for kids. 


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