Meet the Brands: Colori Watches for Kids

Meet the Brands: Colori Watches for Kids

Want to teach your children how to tell the time in a fun and relevant way? Buy them a watch made specifically for them! 

Colori is a watchmaker based in Oosterhout, Netherlands, and has been creating watches for kids since 2008.  What started as a small collection has grown into a world renowned brand with over thirty selections to choose from! 

These adorable watches are sized to fit toddlers through elementary school and come in a variety of designs.  Bring all their favorites to life: whether they love whales or dinosaurs, or want to be a pilot or police officer, we have a watch that can fuel their imagination while teaching them how to read a standard clock or watch.  Every watch is durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean.  Makes a great gift for birthdays, school days, or any day! 

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