Mother's Day Sale 2023: Bundles, Collections and Featured Items

If you've been searching for the perfect gift to give Mom this year, look no further! Shop the Mother's Day Sale 2023 and snag a gift bundle that will make an impression for years to come. Sale begins on Monday, April 24th and goes through Wednesday, May 10th to allow time for shipping.  In addition to the general sale discount of 25% off included collections, here are five bundles to consider: 

Bundle #1: Earth Mother Bundle 

If your mom loves the great outdoors, is an avid hiker, or prefers to wear things  made from natural materials like wood, then this bundle with a BOGO 50% off discount on wood watches is a great choice.  Simply choose a watch from HOT&TOT or Botanica and get a second watch at 50% off. 

Bundle #2: In Bloom Bundle 

If your mom loves flowers or gardening, then this bundle with a BOGO 50% off all watches from our most recent collection, IN BLOOM, is where you'll find her perfect gift. Choose one watch from the IN BLOOM line from STRAND and get a second watch at 50% off. 

Bundle #3: Jetsetter Bundle 

Does your mom travel frequently? Choose a ladies watch from Nation of Souls or DWYT and get a travel jewelry case FREE with your order *While supplies last: retail value of gift $29.99.  Gift items are not eligible for refund/exchange. 

Bundle #4: Brilliant Bracelet Bundle 

Does your mom love the look of gemstones and jewelry? Gift her a Brilliant Bracelet Watch from Jowissa and get 50% off any Gemstone Watch from Jowissa.  Mix and match: the choices are endless!  

Bundle #5: Mommy & Me Bundle

Share your love of watch collecting and teach your kids time in a fun way: get a Colori Watch for Kids FREE with any order from our sale collections.  Simply select your adult watch and then choose a kids watch.  *LIMIT OF 1 PER CUSTOMER. *



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