September 2023 Sale: 30% off every order through 9/30.

I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with holidays.  I enjoy the festivities, the decorating, the change in weather.  I enjoy the idea of holidays.  What I don't enjoy? The stress of trying to find great gifts for those I love.  It seems like the holiday prep starts earlier and earlier each year (since when did Back to School and Halloween go together?) and I'm often left scrambling at the last minute because every big box retailer online or on-site is promising the 'best sale of the year' every week for the next three months and I don't want to overpay for a gift that I could have gotten at a discounted price just before the celebrations start.  

Cue the September Sale here at Minutes Hours Days.  I hate feeling like I overpaid for something.  I hate being rushed to make a decision about a gift idea.  Just one time, I want to have all of my holiday shopping done before the start of October so I can truly enjoy the last quarter of the year.  

Make this month a September to remember and save big on all watches, custom watch straps, watch chargers and watch building kits.  Choose from a bundled offer or take advantage of our daily specials and flash sales to experience even more savings! 

Now through the end of September, every order is going to be discounted 30% off at checkout.  Automatically! No code required.  Shipping is FREE for orders within the USA and all territories, including APO/FPO. 

**International Orders will be packaged and shipped within 3-5 business days and shipping fees WILL be charged at checkout. **

And if September is too early for you to shop the season, then be sure to sign up for our emails so you can be notified of all the sales that happen between now and December 31st.  New subscribers receive a one time, 50% coupon to get your watch addiction started.  Use it anytime this season for exceptional savings.* (One time 50% coupon cannot be combined with existing sales/offers and is not transferable to anyone other than subscriber.  Valid for 90 days after sign up. See coupon details for more information.) 

Happy shopping! And remember: Keep Time. Obsessively. 

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