Side by Side: The Standard Ladies Watch vs. The Classic Ladies Watch from SAOL

Side by Side: The Standard Ladies Watch vs. The Classic Ladies Watch from SAOL

This week's brand spotlight is on SAOL, a microbrand based in British Columbia, Canada.  SAOL creates watches that adhere to a traditional styling aesthetic: clean, easy to read dials, simple color stories and durable materials that are meant for daily wear.  In today's post, we will be comparing two of their watches for women: the Standard vs. the Classic. 

The Standard: A staple watch for every wardrobe

Every well curated wardrobe has staple pieces that tie individual items together into a complete outfit.  This beautifully understated ladies watch is the perfect example of an anchoring piece: the cushioned watch straps are available in either black or tan, and the finish is a simple silver or gold.  The dial is clean, bright and easy to read. A slim watch case made from stainless steel is durable and rests easily on the wrist.   There are no other designs or complications to compete with patterns, strips or logos. This watch is meant to be worn every day, in every way, and can pair with anything from jeans to dresses or suits.   

The Classic: Slightly larger with colored straps

 If you love to wear traditional pieces with a twist, then the Classic may be the watch you seek.  Available in a neutral pink or a bold, royal blue with wider straps and a slightly larger case, the Classic takes tradition to the next level. A wrapped bezel and wider strap connections give this watch a more modern feel.  Again, this watch would make a great piece for daily wear and is suitable for every outfit from casual to corporate. 

What's different about these watches: 

The styling of both watches is similar in that the dials are clean, bright and easy to read.  The shape of the watch case and the straps are also similar, with the Standard being slightly smaller than the Classic.  The bezel for the Standard is minimal and does not overlap on the dial.  The connectors for the Standard are also less bulky.  Both pieces are suitable for daily wear and pair well with any outfit.  The primary difference is the size of the straps: the Standard is better suited for those with a smaller wrist and the Classic caters to those who have an average or larger wrist. 





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