Brand List 2023

 An alphabetical list of our primary brand partners with a few details about what sets them apart in the watchmaking world and why we love them! Read on to learn more. 

Colori Kids Watches: Bright and bold patterns made from durable materials at an affordable price.  If you love watches and want to teach the value of time in a way that will resonate with your child, check out Colori.

Curren: Specializing in executive and elegant bracelet watches, this brand offers multiple styles for both men and women to choose from.  To see their selections, click here.

DWYT (Do Waste Your Time): This French watchmaker is truly magnifique! Designs for both men and women incorporate unexpected details and are crafted from sustainably sourced wood, cork and vegan leather.  If you are searching for a watch that will intrigue all you meet, then check out all that DWYT has to offer. 

HOT&TOT: A brand dedicated to sustainability and simplicity. Offering a comprehensive line of wood watches perfect for anyone who loves natural materials, prefers a minimalist design profile or needs a hypoallergenic alternative to metal alloy watches. To see the range of watches made by HOT&TOT click here

Jowissa: With a reputation for innovative design and superior craftsmanship, Jowissa makes watches that look and feel like luxury jewelry for both ladies and gentlemen. To see their stunning watches, click here

KRAEK: Committed to the empowerment of women around the world, this brand creates watches in bright pastels and neutrals.  To see watches from KRAEK, click here

Nation of Souls: A combination of brushed stainless steel and bold colors make the executive watches for both men and women exceptionally elegant. To see their selections, click here

SAOL: An emerging brand from British Columbia with an emphasis on traditional style elements.  To see all that SAOL has to offer, click here

STRAND: An elegant and affordable brand, STRAND is known for creating watches with a specific theme.  We have several of their collections, including the nautical and floral collections, as well as several of their Swarovski style watches.  To see more of what they offer, click here