Meet the Brands: Jowissa

Meet the Brands: Jowissa

Jowissa is a family-owned and operated watchmaker based in Bettlach, Switzerland.  Started in 1951 by Josef Wyss, their commitment to creating beautiful watches sets them apart from other micro brands.  Their signature feature is a multifaceted, gemstone cut dial which catches the light brilliantly and elevates the look and feel of any outfit.  

Having been a member of the watchmaking community for over 50 years, Jowissa has mastered the art of attention to detail. Every piece is built to promote durability without sacrificing style, and elements like an integrated bezel, quick release premium leather straps and seamless case back designs make these watches a great choice for daily wear. 

Jowissa guarantees their watches with a two-year, international warranty and includes a beautiful gift box for storage.  These watches are a must have for any collection and we are so grateful to be a retail partner with this legacy brand. 

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