Our Values

It's no secret: we want to be the best watch retailer on the web.  We seek to offer our customers a shopping experience that exceeds expectations by providing a variety of selections from around the globe, with fast and reasonable shipping from the USA. 

Our brand partners are small to medium size watchmakers with a commitment to building watches that are truly unique.  We only offer selections that capture attention for the right reasons: a commitment to sustainable practices, a limited launch schedule, and the highest quality of materials.  When we find a product worthy of sale, we order in light bulk; this helps support our partners and reduces the costs associated with shipping.  Once a product is sold out, it's gone.  This helps to keep inventory fresh and ensures that your watch is one of a kind. 

Whether you visit our site one time only or once every day, we're obsessed with being the best. Please submit all questions or suggestions to support@minuteshoursdays.com

Our priorities are: 

  • Quality. We hold ourselves and our wholesale partners to the highest standards of quality so that our customers have a shopping experience which exceeds expectations. We also believe in an atmosphere of constant improvement and internal growth so that we can apply what we've learned today to our processes tomorrow. 
  • Trust. We recognize that shopping online is rooted in trust and agree to keep information shared directly with us by our partners and customers private. (*Please see our Privacy Policy for details about how we collect, store and use information. *)
  • Service. We define service as exceeding expectations at every point of connection with our wholesale partners and retail customers and work to offer an experience that encourages authentic feedback from our partners and customers. 

Thank you so much for your time: we sincerely appreciate it.