Side by Side: Cesar vs. Constantine Automatic Watch for Men from DWYT

Side by Side: Cesar vs. Constantine Automatic Watch for Men from DWYT

This week's brand spotlight is on DWYT France, a microbrand renowned for their innovative statement watches for men and women.  Today's post will compare two of their watches for men: The Cesar and The Constantine Automatic Wood Watches. 

In previous side by side posts we've highlighted the key differences in features and style between two watches that may be similar but are not usually exact replicas of one another.  For this post we will highlight the features of both watches, as they are essentially the same piece with the only difference being the color scheme. 

The Cesar and The Constantine offer watch connoisseurs a stylish automatic with either dark hardwoods or light hardwoods as the base finish.  The Cesar is defined by a 42mm round case made from sandalwood with a cutout dial featuring Roman Numerals for added visual interest. Straps for the Cesar include premium leather in  rich browns and a crocodile print, giving this variation a more traditional feel.  The spring wound automatic movement is visible at the heart of the dial and will keep time accurately with continuous wear or regular watch winding. The Constantine is similar to the Cesar with the exception of color: a lighter, brighter color selection gives the Constantine a more modern feel and includes one option with vegan leather straps for those who prefer them to standard leather. Both pieces are available in three variations, for a total of six color combinations and wood grain finishes to suit your styling needs. 

 What's Unique about these Watches: 

 - Hardwood case in either a dark or light wood grain finish 

- Cutout dial with Roman Numeral indices

- Visible movement at the heart of the dial for added interest and accurate timekeeping 

- Vegan strap variations come in bold, bright colors for a modern take on a classic watch 

Who is this watch suited for? 

I would highly recommend this watch to lovers of the automatic movement, and for those who prefer traditional elements wrapped in a modern design.  

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