Side by Side: The Rising Sun Collection from DWYT

Side by Side: The Rising Sun Collection from DWYT

Have you considered going solar? Upgrade from a quartz or battery powered watch to this durable and distinctive unisex watch from DWYT.  Traditional battery powered watches depend on a lithium or oxide battery to maintain accurate time but the movement for this collection is powered by a solar cell and charges a non-oxide battery that will never degrade and require replacement.  Simply expose the watch face to light, indoors or outdoors, and the watch will remain charged for up to four months, whether it's been worn recently or not.  Other benefits of this watch include a wide strap in your choice of standard or vegan leather, water resistance up to 5 ATM, and an international warranty.  Available in six colors, this cool watch is a versatile and durable piece worthy of gifting yourself or another any time of year.

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