Side by Side: The Odyssey Petite Automatic vs. The L'PLUME Peacock Dial Watch

Side by Side: The Odyssey Petite Automatic vs. The L'PLUME Peacock Dial Watch

This week's brand spotlight is on DWYT France, a microbrand renowned for their innovative statement watches for men and women.  Today's post will compare two of their watches for ladies: the Odyssey Petite Automatic and the L'PLUME Peacock feather watch.  

The Odyssey: An elegant automatic for Her

 All the benefits of an automatic sized for a petite wrist ( less than 7 " in diameter) and accented by a peekaboo wood dial so the wearer can see the watch movement working all day long.  Available in six colors, the Odyssey is perfect for those who prefer an understated approach to fashion: easy to read, easy to wear and easy to maintain, this beautiful piece makes a great addition to any watch collection. 

The L'PLUME: A conversation worthy watch 

 Bold, bright colors are accented by a single peacock feather on a wooden dial.  Powered by a Swiss Ronda P movement for durability and longevity, this statement watch is sure to attract attention for all the right reasons.  Available in eleven color combinations and offering both premium leather or vegan leather straps, this lovely ladies' watch is guaranteed to bring joy to the wearer for many years to come.  

What's similar about these two watches: 

- Designed for petite wrists ( under 7 " diameter):  would make a great gift for teens and adults who have a hard time finding a watch that will fit due to narrow or small wrist circumference. 

- Elegant and enduring: both watches are made with an elegant design and are built to last for years 

- Vegan leather strap options: for complete sustainability in fashion, the brand offers vegan leather straps as an alternative to traditional leather.  

What's different: 

The Odyssey is an automatic watch, which means that there is no battery to manage.  Completely powered by the inner spring movement, once wound the watch will keep time as long as it is worn or wound regularly.  The L'PLUME is powered by a quartz battery, a Swiss Ronda P movement, which is a superior movement designed for durability and longevity but which may require a battery replacement at some point in the future.  



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